Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rule #3: Arrive On Time.

Nothing reveals more about a person’s character than how they value and use other people’s time. It is extremely important to not only be on time when meeting someone new, but to arrive a few minutes earlier than you are scheduled. Doing so not only insures that you will be on time, but it allots you a time cushion to complete any tasks that might be waiting for you (paper work, table not ready, etc.) 

The perfect time to arrive to an appointment is exactly 15 minutes early. No more, no less. If you arrive later than15 minutes early, you run the risk of being late, and no one likes to be kept waiting. If you arrive more than 15 minutes early, you run the risk of the person you are meeting not being ready for you, therefore inconveniencing who is there (receptionist, roommate, etc.) with the burden of entertaining you until you can be seen. 

Punctuality is also the perfect excuse to invest in a fashionable time piece!

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