Friday, May 6, 2011

Rule #2: Put The Utmost Importance On Appearance.

We all try to refrain from “judging a book by its cover,” but the bottom line is it is nearly impossible as humans to do so.  Within the very first SECOND of meeting a new person, we take in their whole appearance. Within the very first MINUTE of meeting a new person, we develop a judgment of the person based on the appearance we just took in. This is why it is extremely important to always look the VERY best when meeting someone new. Follow these few simple tips and you should be able to take on that meeting completely confident in the way that you look:

·      Keep your appearance clean cut and well groomed.
·      Men: Shave that morning even if you shaved the night before.  
·      If you are in need of a haircut, get one at least one week before your meeting to avoid that awkward “just got my haircut” look. A week allows your hair to grow a little and gives it a more natural look.
·      Choose appropriate attire and make sure it is clean and pressed.
·      If you are unsure of what is appropriate, always err on being overdressed than underdressed.
·      Base your attire on what company you are interviewing for or the venue you are meeting in. You should have gathered this information if you followed Rule #1.
·      Plan out your outfit BEFORE the day of your meeting. This way you will make sure that everything fits just right and is clean, and that you are not missing any key items.
·      Pay attention and plan out EVERY detail. This will show that you put in some time and effort into meeting the other person and that meeting really matters to you. The other person WILL notice.
·      Easy on any scents. Spray a small amount at the shoulders and elbows. These are the areas of the body that get the most movement, so a little spray will go a long way.
·      Get plenty of rest the night before.

The below images are the components of my go to interview ensemble:

Black Tonal Stripe Suit from Simon Carter West End, Lilac Dress Shirt from Geoffrey Beene, Black/Lilac/Purple Striped Tie from Geoffrey Beene.
Purple/Grey/Black Argyle Dress Socks from Club Room.

Black Leather Monk Strap Dress Shoes from Steve Madden.

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