Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rule #1: Get to Know Them BEFORE You Meet Them.

Potential employers (and first dates) are almost always impressed if you come to the first meeting already knowing a little bit about them. It shows initiative and that you care. When it comes to a job, reviewing the company’s website, Facebook, or Twitter page are all excellent resources to get to know that company on a deeper level.

(NOTE: In the case of getting to know a potential date, asking a close mutual friend for information will suffice. Getting into the Facebook/Twitter realm strays a little too close to the creepy/stalker side. Yes, the temptation is strong and the resources are there, but going that route before actually meeting the person is just plain creepy. No discussion needed. Also, before divulging any information about the other person, state that you heard it from the mutual friend first. Again, creepiness diverted.)

Getting to know the company/person beforehand also helps you eliminate any candidates that won’t be a good fit for you, well before you have become too emotionally involved. It saves you a lot of time and emotion.

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