Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Isaac Mizrahi: Fashion's Renaissance Man

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Writer, director, host, judge. “Fashion’s Chameleon” Isaac Mizhari has a resume that makes even the entrainment industry jealous. From appearing in not one, but three Woody Allen films (with a then unknown Charlize Theron), to having his bff Liza Minnelli present him with one of his many CFDA awards, Mizrahi has the “been there, done that” true trail blazing style.

The “Unzipped” star was the latest to be welcomed to the 92Y stage by Fern Mallis as part of her “Fashion Icons” series. I was one of many who cozied into the Kaufmann Concert Hall in upper Manhattan to spend an evening with one of fashion’s most energetic personalities.

Below were some highlights of the night:

     He loves being from Brooklyn…
..."but I don’t want to go back to Brooklyn. Especially the way they torture food there now.”

      You would have to be pretty God-awful for him not to like you…
…or use one of these three words/phrases: DECADENT, TWIST, POP OF COLOR.

      Went to Parsons with Narciso Rodriguez and Marc Jacobs…
…“[Marc] says he’s 47…*raises eybrow* …just sayin’…” (Mizrahi is 52.)

      Anna Wintour once set him up on a date…
“She’s the biggest yenta in the world!"

His bucket list includes writing a hit TV show…
…starring Allison Janney. “That’s who I’ll cast, just me and Allison Janney."

Isaac bidding Fern a friendly farewell after their conversation at the 92Y.