Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting To Know You

Bagir International's US office may be small in numbers, but it is gargantuan in the affect they have on the fashion industry. It is an Israel based company, but the American office has many responsibilities of their own. The following are the individuals that I worked with, their responsibilities, and the career path they chose to get to the position they were in:

President/Vice President:

o   In charge of marketing, PR, sales, merchandising, while also serving as the liaison between the US office and the Israel office.
o   Made all final decisions as far as product development, marketing/PR campaigns, and any other major decisions that needed to be approved before being presented to Israel for international approval.
o   Careers that they had before joining Bagir included being a buyer for Sears and JC Penny.

Senior Account Manager:

o   In charge of specific clients and accounts.
o   In charge of pricing and sourcing of orders requested by clients.
o   Creates their portion of the tech pack that includes finishes, findings, trims, etc.
o   Oversees Product Development after it has gone through creative (factory-samples.)

Account Manager:

o   Have many of the same responsibilities as the Sr. Account Manager, but on a slightly different level and with different types of clients.
o   Studied Fashion Merchandising at FIT and started out as an Executive Assistant at Bagir before becoming the account manager.

Creative Director:

o   Develops the concepts/moods/colors/themes and possible fabric choices and presents them using concept boards.
o   Begins creating sketches that are then turned into flat patterns and digitized with the help of the Pattern Maker.
o   Creates specifications for construction of garment for tech packs that is then passed on to Sr. Account and Account Managers and they collaborate on fabric, lining, trims, piping, finishes, etc.
o   Plays a part in the approval process of final sample of garment.
o   Served as designer for Sears before coming to Bagir.

Fashion Marketing Specialist/PR:

o   In charge of marketing and PR.
o   Writes press releases.
o   Develops marketing campaigns.
o   Designs graphics for various purposes, such as packaging, labels, etc.
o   Serves as liaison for company between celebrity stylists, media, other organizations and companies.
o   Began doing marketing for the pharmaceutical industry with Duane Reade.

Office Coordinator:

o   Organizes office and employees schedules.
o   In charge of all incoming and outgoing shipments.
o   Answers phone calls.
o   Assists wherever needed.
o   Attended FIT and worked for multiple PR organizations before coming to Bagir.

o   In charge of all the finances.

Logistics Manager:
o   Keeps track of all orders, units, warehouses and shipping details.

o   Assisted and completed tasks and provided input when needed.

    Though each individual had their own set of responsibilities, we all worked together to make sure that not only the company succeeded, but each individual did as well. In the end they became my new family, and I grew to love each and everyone of them.

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