Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mad For Mod

On February 28th, madness swept Manhattan and fifty plus other cities across the United States. A madness for ‘Mod’ that is. Emmy Award Winning Costume Designer Janie Bryant and Banana Republic celebrated their third Mad Men capsule collection collaboration with a one night only in store event.

Being absolutely obsessed with the hit AMC TV show and an adoring fan of anything that Janie Bryant does, I made sure to 'clock out' early that night and headed uptown to the Banana Republic at Rockefeller Plaza to join in on the festivities.

Upon entering the store, I was immediately transported into a world of bright geometric shapes, pops of color, and everything else that makes Mod amazing. Models stood upon a center platform striking their best Don and Megan stances while Absolute Vodka martinis (the drink if the night) flowed generously at a bar nearby.

As I headed towards the Men's level, a server carrying a tray of bite size parfaits, which I welcomed at once, intercepted me. After downing the sugary morsels in one bite, I continued on my way, strutting in time to the music being emitted from a DJ booth near the entrance.

Once I descended the stairs, it was time for business. I bee-lined for the display housing all the pieces, that in a perfect world, would find their home in my closet. It took no time at all before I was being escorted into a fitting room with arms full of merchandise. Cardigans, sport coats, and button up shirts were all tried on and all fit flawlessly, proof that Janie Bryant truly has a gift for fit.

A pretty penny later, I was walking out the front doors with my wallet significantly lighter, but definitely feeling content without any regret. I knew that the Mad Men Collection textured zip cardigan, striped silk skinny tie, and two straw fedoras that lay in my shopping bag were going to make excellent editions to my fashion family. I also knew as long as Janie Bryant and Banana Republic continued designing collections, I would continue buying. And buying. And buying.

Enjoy more photos from the fabulous event below:

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