Thursday, April 26, 2012

Millennium Promises, Promises

Tommy Hilfiger and Glamour Magazine hosted an event to launch The Millennium Promise Collection, a capsule collection benefiting the Millennium Promise Project.

Curious passersby take in the fleet of customized taxis outside the Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan Thursday, April 26th 2012.

Lines of taxis are a normal sight that can be seen along New York City’s infamous Fifth Avenue.  It is no surprise that it would be Tommy Hilfiger that would put a twist on something so classic. A closer look shows that the taxis not only serve as an attention grabber, but a unique source to share a very special message. “The Promise Collection. Tommy Hilfiger is proud to be a part of Millennium Promise, supporting communities throughout Africa through funds and volunteers.”

The unique taxis were part of the Promise Collection Launch Event. They proudly displayed Tommy Hilfiger's Promise Collection Mission Statement.

The Millennium Promise Collection is a capsule collection designed by Tommy Hilfiger in partnership with the Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project, in which all proceeds will be “committed to the development of sustainable communities, in the hope of making a long term change that will benefit generations.” To help launch the collection, Tommy Hilfiger partnered with Glamour Magazine to host an event at its Fifth Avenue Flagship Store in Manhattan.
The Flagship store windows were transformed for the event, infusing both the modern Prep aesthetic of Tommy Hilfiger with the rich cultural traditions of Africa.

Upon entering the store, guests were immediately immersed in a mixture of cultures. A DJ atop the second level of the store took turns playing popular music with a group sitting beside him playing traditional African music on African instruments. Model-esque servers weaved through the crowds to bring champagne, wine, and scrumptious hors d'oeuvres to shoppers browsing through the shop that housed the collection. Friendly store associates served as personal shoppers and attentive hosts, completing transactions one moment and topping off an empty glass the next. Woven baskets and colorful rugs lining shelves and floors contrasted nicely with the Americana memorabilia; a true representation of the collection which consisted of classic Tommy Hilfiger designs and items made using African textiles, colors and motifs.

African patterns, colors and motifs could be found throughout the decor, creating a consistent brand message.
An attentive server tops off the glass of champagne for a guest as he browses through the Promise Collection shop.
The theme of vibrant colors, textures and patterns carried through into the upper displays.

The environment was not the only thing fueling excitement during the event. In addition to all proceeds from the collection going to Millennium Promise, 10% of all sales during the event would be donated as well. And if that was not incentive enough to open wallets, customers who spent $150 or more were treated to a free taxi ride to anywhere in Manhattan, courtesy of the special Promise Collection taxis parked outside.

Guests enjoyed music, drinks and hour devours as they mingled and shopped throughout the night.

A mannequin poses proudly as it models pieces from the Promise Collection.

As the evening drew to a close, happy customers began to head out of the store and into the taxis with shopping bags in hand, special event only bracelets around their wrists, and an extra warmth in their hearts for being apart of something truly outstanding.

Guests who spent $150 or more were given a fare free ride in the Promise Collection taxis to anywhere in Manhattan.

Items that I purchased while attending the event. Woven Genuine Leather Belt and Africa Map Tee (Made in Tunisia) from the Promise Collection, in which 100% of proceeds "will be donated to Millennium Promise, a non-profit organization empowering people in sub-Saharan Africa to escape extreme poverty for good".

Guests who purchased items during the evening's event received special bracelets that were available that night only.

For more information or to purchase items from The Promise Collection, visit

Below are more pictures from the event:

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