Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Fashion Show: “Body” of Work Fails to Come to Life

It is said that if you truly have a passion for something you’d be willing to put everything into it, including much of your own blood, sweat, and tears. This week’s episode of Bravo’s The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection took it a step further, having the contestants challenged to put in their veins, bones and muscles as well. Well, not exactly their own, but their interpretation of those elements of the human body. They were challenged to find inspiration from “within,” literally.

Unfortunately, this challenge was “dead on arrival” and only got worse as the show progressed. It seems that the only thing that this show depends on to help it cling to life is the unnecessary drama that occurs throughout the episodes. If only the designers spent more time on their designs and less time screaming at each other (Calvin vs. The Rest of House of Emerald Syx) and sabotaging their own house (Mike, you showed you really have no backbone and neither did your look,) then maybe they could produce looks that would take the breath out of the judges lungs.

Once again the House of Nami won the challenge, which I agree with, but not with the flying colors that they did last week. Most of their looks were quite messy, unfinished, and cheap looking. The colors, textures, and techniques that they used made it look like they were designing for a really bad zombie movie, in which their models were the half eaten victims of some VERY angry Fashion Industry individuals, and angry they should be with the quality that was shown.

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The winner of the individual look was Eduardo, who I was rooting for last week to win and was pleased when he actually accomplished that this week. Of all the looks, his was the one that looked the most chic. He went for another cocktail dress, but changed up the silhouette and his technique, producing a much more structured and body conscience look. He lowered the hemline and added a dramatic detail at the shoulders, almost an exaggeration of the model’s collarbone. Even though the color palette he chose was very fleshy and could have ran the risk of washing out his model’s already pale skin tone, he avoided this by darkening his model to accentuate the hue of the dress, a move of sheer brilliance.

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The House of Emerald (formally known as the House of Emerald Syx) delivered a collection that all I can say looked like a “bloody mess.” The only cohesion within their collection was the color, other than that they were all equally disappointing and did not fit well together. Because Mike left the show, no designer was sent home, and as a result Calvin and Cesar swapped places. I do not agree with this course of action. A designer from the House of Emerald should have gone home, and that designer should have been Golnessa. Her look was extremely unflattering, poorly executed, and the ruffle detail on the front was just plain tacky. There was nothing new or innovative about it and it was boring overall. The rest of the looks had potential; but no amount of resuscitation in the world could have saved hers.

I feel that this episode belongs in the morgue and is a strike two for this series. I give it a C-.

Look that WON and SHOULD have won.
Look that SHOULD have lost.

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